Owners with pets experiencing a medical emergency should call our office @ (860) 774-7650.

Emergent cases for current/established patients will be seen whenever possible, during regular hospital business hours*. 

Calling about your emergency will allow us to determine the urgency in which you must be seen and allow us to prepare for your arrival.  Never use our social media or email to contact us about an emergency. IF you’re unable to reach us by phone, you could also send a text to the hospital phone number listed above. 

(Email is perfect for non-urgent questions, requests and medication refills)

*Please note: There are occasions when we are unable to see patients on an emergency basis, due to scheduling, weather, holidays or other circumstances.  In an emergency, it is in your pet’s best interest to be seen PROMPTLY.  

In the event that we are not able to provide emergency care to your pet, select a recommended hospital from the list of emergency specialists below where your pet can be cared for as soon as possible.  

Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Tuft’s University
55 Willard St
North Grafton, MA  
(508) 839-5395

Ocean State Veterinary Specialists
1480 S. County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 
(401) 886-6787

Bolton Veterinary Hospital   
222 Boston Turnpike Bolton, CT
(860) 646 6134

VEG Shrewsbury
196 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA
(508) 653 4700