How to Train Your Pet to Walk Nicely On a Leash

January is National Walk Your Pet Month! It's a good reminder for you and your furry companion to stay active. Here are our answers to frequently asked questions about leash-training, so that you and your pet can have a fun and safe time outside.Question:...

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New Year’s Eve: Noise Tips For Your Pet

New Year’s Eve: with the fireworks, loud music, shouts and laughter, and in some areas even the banging of pots and pans or gunfire, our normally sedate pets may feel that their world is under attack. Some pets will go so far as to jump out of windows or...

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Winter Tips For a Happy Dog

While the weather in many areas of the country has already felt frightful, the winter season officially begins December 21. As the temperatures drop, keep these winter tips in mind to protect your pet from the cold:Heaters are Not the Next Best ThingEven...

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Thanksgiving Pet Tips

According to just about any poll you reference, a large percentage of Americans plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, and many also admit to sharing their Thanksgiving dinner with their four-legged family members. But a festive time for...

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