On a daily basis, the staff at Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital helps clients with questions about their cats. “Why is my cat vomiting?” is a very common one, but that doesn’t make it easy to answer.

“There are a range of reasons why a cat is vomiting, and it is very hard to diagnose without an exam,” Dr. Lambert notes.

This brings us to a greater issue: the importance of annual or biannual visits for cats. “I worry about cats who go outdoors not getting vaccinated for Feline AIDS and Leukemia,” Dr. Lambert explains. Feline AIDS, or FIV, is transmitted cat to cat by saliva, so annual vaccinations should be done. A simple cat fight resulting in a bite wound could put your cat at risk for contracting this potentially deadly virus.

Both Drs. Lambert and Blakeslee agree that cats also need to be seen frequently to keep up on their oral health. As cats age, they should be evaluated annually to see if a professional dental cleaning by one of our veterinary technicians is needed to keep their mouth healthy.

Join us for our second annual Take Your Cat to The Vet Week, August 19th-24th, 2013. We will be offering special cat only hours, and we will be offering a QVVH Clients Care educational meeting entitled “Don’t Forget The Cat!” covering topics of basic cat care on August 14th, 2013 at 7pm.


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