Ever wonder what breeds your mutt is made up of? Dr. David J. Lambert at Quinebaug Valley Veterinary in Danielson, CT did when he rescued his new dog, Anna.

Wanting to know more about Anna, Dr. Lambert decided to run a Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis test.

The results told us that Anna is a German Shorthair Pointer mixed with a Great Pyrenees. Sure, this is cool information. But why does your dog’s breed matter?


Why does your dog’s breed matter?

We obviously love our dogs, regardless of ¬†their breed. However, without knowing your dog’s background, it can be hard to determine their unique training or nutritional needs. Not only that, but some types of dogs are predisposed (statistically more likely) to developing certain health issues.


As you can see above, both breeds in Anna’s history are predisposed to hypothyroidism. This means Dr. Lambert will keep an eye on her annual bloodwork to make sure her thyroid function is normal.


The awesome science behind this test:

  • 7 million calculations are made, based on your dog’s DNA
  • A database of 250 dog breeds is checked
  • A report is developed that tracks back to your pet’s great grandparents


Understand your dog more than ever!

The test reveals the breeds that make up your pet, tracing back to great grandparents. Different breeds have different personalties, training styles & other important characteristics. Knowing this information will help you understand your pooch on a whole new level.


(Almost) predict the future of your pet’s health


The Royal Canin Genetic Health Analysis test can reveal health issues your dog is genetically predisposed to. (This doesn’t mean your pet HAS these problems, but they are potentially more likely to inherit them than other pets!)

So – You can’t exactly predict the future of your pet’s health, but you’ll be closer with this information. Knowing your pet’s history will help you to be more proactive about their healthcare needs. Armed with this information, Drs. Lambert & Blakeslee can help advise you on the best plan to keep your pet as healthy as possible.


Create a customized diet, based on your dog’s needs


Testing will help you reveal the unique nutritional needs of your pet. Using this information and other details in your dog’s medical history, our veterinarians help guide you in establishing a customized diet best-suited to your pup.


Find out more about your dog!

To have the Royal Canin Genetic Health test done on your pooch, just request an appointment.