National Take Your Cat to The Vet Day is August 22nd, but we’ll be celebrating for the whole week! Nationally, only about 36% of cats get an annual exam, but Drs. Lambert, Blakeslee, and Previe want to ensure that the cats of Killingly, Plainfield, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas beat that average. From August 20th until August 25th, our hospital will be offering $10 off each and every feline wellness exam scheduled with our office. We know bringing your cat to the vet isn’t always the easiest task, so we’ll be posting tips on our Facebook to help you get your cat into the carrier and to Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital. To say “thank you” for your efforts (and your cat’s cooperation!), we’ll be sending you home with some treats, gifts, and samples after your visit.

Why should you bring your cat in for an exam? Vaccines, though very important, aren’t the only reason! “Cats age six years to our year,” Dr. Lambert explains, “Most people wouldn’t wait more than six years between doctor visits for themselves.” Cats need to be seen annually to be screened for intestinal parasites, weight issues, allergies, dental health evaluation, and more. Don’t forget, it’s not just the cats that venture outdoors who require veterinary care. Dr. Lambert clarifies, “Even the indoor kitties can get intestinal parasites. They catch and eat bugs inside the home, or they manage to sneak outside that one time and get exposed to diseases.” And there are plenty of diseases to be found outside in northeastern Connecticut. Just like dogs, cats can contract tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme. Having a simple 4DX+ blood test run during your cat’s exam can check for Lyme and other tick-borne infections.

Take an active part in keeping your cat as healthy as possible. Give our office a call at 860-774-7650 to schedule an appointment, and like us on Facebook for more details!