If you consider yourself a “cat person” and even if you don’t, maybe you have heard:
Tuesday, August 22nd is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day and Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital is planning to recognize this yearly event by making the day extra special for our feline friends! Our clients and their pets’ overall health are always important to Dr. Lambert and Dr. Blakeslee, but we are happy to have a day to recognize just how important our cat patients’ health really is!
Every kitty cat seen in our office for a wellness exam that day will take home a special goody bag of toys & treats, including Advantage multi AND be entered in a raffle for a free Seresto collar!
We know how important it is to our clients to keep their furry friends free from fleas and ticks! Just as keeping our curious, four legged friends healthy is important, too!
While we certainly understand that getting the cats to the vet’s office is often easier said than done, we know that QVVH isn’t too long of a ride, from anywhere in the Quiet Corner, especially from Killingly and nearby Brooklyn, and Plainfield!
Part of the appeal of having a cat as a pet is the “low maintenance” factor, and while they can certainly be a bit more self-sufficient than dogs, they do require regular examinations like anyone else! This is especially true as they age. Did you know cats over seven years old are considered senior and should go to the veterinarian once every six months? One year is like 6 for a cat just as one year is like 7 for a dog!
Cats can seem fine even when they’re not because symptoms of illness are not always obvious and they often ‘mask’ their symptoms.  This makes it difficult to tell when something is wrong and it’s easy to assume that everything is fine!
Discovering conditions associated with aging can often be treated more easily when found early, as it would be for all of us, including indoor cats!  Indoor cats may be more prone to certain diseases such as obesity or diabetes. They are as capable of developing diseases and conditions as any other cat!
A head to tail exam by the veterinarian annually or semi-annually keeps everyone on their toes and in tip top shape! In addition to getting checked out, it is important to keep your pet vaccinated against diseases, be screened for intestinal parasites, and have a dental evaluation!
Tips for Making It Easier to take your Cat to the Veterinarian
*Get your cat acquainted with the carrier. Make it comfortable, open and accessible.
*Keep your stress levels low to help keep your cat calm; be patient.
*Acclimate your cat to the car. Start by taking your cat on short rides occasionally.
*Let your cat stay in the carrier when you get to the vet clinic. Cover the carrier with a towel or blanket- preferably one from home that may have a familiar scent.
*Give your cat affection throughout the trip for reassurance and to reward for good behavior.
Schedule your cat’s checkup to keep your cat as healthy as possible!
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