We’re always learning about new flea and tick products for dogs, but few are safe for cats. That’s not the case this time. Newly released product, Seresto, is a flea and tick collar that’s safe for cats & dogs alike! Even better, it lasts for 8 months at a time. Watch Dr. Lambert apply a Seresto collar to our office pup, Archer.

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Here are the basic facts:

-Flea and tick collar for both dogs and cats. (Covers adult/larvae/nymph stages.)

– Only 3 sizes. There’s a $20 online rebate for each collar that’s only available through us! (Limit on # of rebates per owner.)

Large dog (25lbs+): $68.99 – $20 online rebate = $6.12/mo*

Small dog (<25lbs): $65.99 – $20 online rebate = $5.74/mo*

Cat: $63.99 – $20 online rebate = $5.49/mo*

*Prices as of 1/31/13. Subject to change.

-Imidacloprid & Flumethrin are the active ingredients, and they are kept WITHIN the collar, not on the outside of it. They work non-systemically.

-Ingredients release when collar makes contact with hair/skin. No friction needed!

-Effective against fleas 24hrs after being applied & and ticks after 48hrs. Fleas die within about 2 hours once collar is effective and ticks within 6. Has repellent qualities against ticks.

-Ticks don’t have to bite to be killed, so it can help diseases  – like Lyme – from being transmitted.

-EXTREMELY water resistant. (Dr. Lambert will be putting it on his lake-loving Golden Retrievers!)

-Don’t need to zip tie collar on under regular collar. Lasts 8 months. Has breakaway safety features and reflectors you can add.

-Safe to use with other products, like Trifexis with dogs or Advantage Multi with cats.

-Approved for cats 10wks and up, dogs 7wks and up.

-Not labeled for pregnant/nursing pets.

You can visit the Seresto website or contact our office at 860-774-7650 with additional questions about this exciting new product!