“Being preventative against tick-borne diseases has helped us to see pets live longer,” notes Dr. Lambert.



At Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital, 82% of our current canine patients have an active Lyme Disease vaccination on board. Not always considered a “core vaccine”, like Rabies or Distemper, the staff at QVVH finds a lot of pride in knowing that we are working very hard to keep our patients vaccinated.

Dr. Lambert adds, “Keeping dogs vaccinated against Lyme has led me to see a lot less kidney disease, heart disease and arthritis. Those are all secondary issues pets can develop when they suffer from Lyme Disease.” Making sure our canine patients are vaccinated has paid off, too. In Connecticut, 16% of dogs tested for Lyme will prove to be positive. At QVVH, only 8% of dogs have tested positive for Lyme disease since the start of 2013. Testing for Lyme is part of your dog’s annual care at QVVH. At every yearly exam, we take blood to run at 4DX+ test. Sometimes known as your “Heartworm and Lyme test”, this test actually checks for Lyme, heartworm, and various tick-borne diseases, like Anaplasmosis.

Although we have seen great success in keeping our Lyme positive numbers low, the veterinarians and staff fight a constant battle against tick-borne Anaplasmosis. Unlike Lyme Disease, there is no vaccination. This is why using monthly preventatives, like Advantix II or a Seresto flea & tick collar, is so important. The more you work to keep ticks away from your pet, the less chance you have of them contracting a tick-borne disease. Monthly prevention is especially important for cats, who we do not have a Lyme vaccination for at this time.

“We have seen indoor/outdoor cats come into the hospital sick, limping and presenting other symptoms similar to dogs with tick-borne diseases. We want to take a stand against tick-borne diseases in cats by testing them annually like our canine patients,” Dr. Lambert says. After his own cat, Chloe, came down with Lyme disease several years ago, Dr. Lambert began treating cats for tick-borne diseases. To help celebrate Lyme Disease Awareness Month, we will be testing cats for 20% off our standard price.



Schedule an appointment now to have your cat or dog tested for Lyme and other tick-borne disease. Cats will receive 20% off their test through the end of May 2013!

-Call us at 860-774-7650 or email Contact@QVVH.com to make sure your dog’s Lyme Disease vaccine is up-to-date.

Watch Dr. Lambert apply a Seresto flea/tick collar to our office pup, Archer.

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Visit the CAPC website to see the full version of the Lyme prevalence map below.