how to care for rabbit teethHave questions about rabbit dental health? As a Connecticut rabbit veterinarian, our veterinary hospital is happy to see more bunny owners taking an interest in their care. Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital has spent years working with Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue of Foster, RI. Our practice agrees with their philosophy of keeping rabbits indoors, just like your cats and dogs. Through keeping bunnies indoors, spaying & neutering and providing annual veterinary care, rabbits are now living much longer, happier lives.

Keeping your rabbit’s teeth healthy is an important factor in maintaining overall wellness. There are blogs on our website dedicated to canine and feline dental health, but we are excited to provide you with more rabbit dental health tips. To get the best information possible, we asked Pam from Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue to offer a few of her best tips.

Here are Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue’s 5 bunny teeth tips:

1.  Rabbits are hypsodonts, meaning their 28 teeth grow continuously and need tough, fibrous foods like hay to keep teeth properly worn.
2.  Dental disease is a common problem with rabbits that are not on proper hay diets and the risks increase with age.
3.  Incisor malocclusion (front incisors do not line up properly) can usually only be properly handled by extraction.
4.  Molar spurs or points need to be filed and rabbits with dental problems often need routine filings (under anesthesia.)
5.  Common indicators of a rabbit with dental issues includes runny eyes and/or refusal to eat hay.

Want to learn more about caring for your bunny? Join us for BUN 101 on 3/26/14 at 7pm. This complimentary QV Clients Care Course will be held at our practice. Space is limited, so be sure to register. Representatives from Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue will be on hand to discuss all things rabbit-related. SIGN UP BELOW!

If you would like more information about caring for your rabbit, be sure to check out the Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue website. Interested in taking on the responsibility of providing a bunny with a loving, indoor home? They have adoptable bunnies, too!



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